Richard's Scenic Landscape Photography

Richard has lived in Ft. collins for the past 15 years. He studied Civil Engineering in Chicago, Illinois, and after discharge from the military, became seriously interested in photography while collecting landscape data from survey teams for roadways, lakes, bridges and commercial waterways, while working for the Corps of Engineers, both for military and civilian projects. His job was to photograph and record the topography for land acquisition. He has carried a 35mm camera in his backpack or vehicle ever since. He has never formally studied photography, his work is strictly what he see's at any time of day or evening. He will suddenly swerve onto the shoulder of a road to take a shot, to the dismay of other motorists!!!

Electing to drive back and forth to visit friends and family in California, he discovered short cuts across reservations, deserts and through canyons with awesome landscape art. What takes 2-1/2 to 3 hrs. to fly, takes Richard 2-1/2 to 3 days, or more, to make. Thus, began the © "Rock Sculpture"/landscape photography you'll find in Richard's website, at

He now uses both digital and film camera's in his work, then transfers both the flash card and film to CD's, digitally, for enlarging and printing on high quality Kodak or Epson high Gloss photo paper, for long life viewing.